The best way to get in touch with us is by email


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We are based in Rothbury. Please do not believe the internet or any external websites regarding our address.  We have various training locations. When you book your session you will be given the location and directions, but all initial Assessments take place in the Rothbury area.

The best way to book an Assessment Session, One to One Session, Residential Training, Holiday Stays, Intensive Week and/or Weekend is to initially send an email with as much information as possible e.g. for One to One Sessions please tell us in your email what days and times are most suitable for you to come along (we teach 7 days a week) also including your contact telephone numbers and as much information as you can about your dog e.g. age, breed, current training, issues,  what you require for his training (to be a well trained pet, peg dog, roughshooting, etc.) etc..  For requests for Holiday Stays in your email please give us the preferred drop off and collection dates, again, with as much information as possible about your dog e.g. sex, breed, age, sociable, nervous, current training, etc.

Because most of our working days takes place outside, we are out of contact during most normal 'sociable hours', meaning that often, the best time for us to read and/or answer emails is in the evening.  We do have an 'automated reply' go out to all emails which should reassure you that we have received your email.  This reply will also tell you that it may take anything up to 21 days to get back to you and that on ocassion, during our busiest periods, it may take longer but that we would hope to get back to you sooner than this.

The best way to ensure you are able to book a training place with us or for your dog to come and stay with us is to get in touch with us as soon as possible.  The more notice you can give, especially for Holiday Stays and Residential Training Stays, the more chance you have of us having a slot or space available for your dog.

Please don't forget to include all your contact information.

We are very busy every day but we will do our very best to get back to you as soon as we can.

Mob: 07896-850-067       Email: info@craigelachiegundogs.co.uk  (email is the best way to get hold of us)

We are based in Rothbury, Northumberland and surrounded by breathtaking scenery which offers varied habitats and terrain to perfect your dogs training.

When you get in touch, please be patient.   We are a family business and our home is also just that, our home.  As this is our home, we ask that you respect this and when given specific time slots to drop your dog off, or collect, please respect that you have been given a time slot for a reason, thank you.