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TRAINING OPTIONS:   (for prices, see below)

  • One-to-One Private Gundog Training Sessions - Basic to Advanced
  • One-to-One Private Pet Obedience Sessions
  • One-to-One Private Assessment - Training & Behaviour
  • Intensive One-to-One Training Week and/or Weekend (all levels)
  • Residential Training - Kennel or Live In - longer term training up to several months (not currently available updated March 2023)
  • Home Visit - Behaviour Issues - Advice - Training Guidance
  • Holiday Stay - Your dog comes for refresher training while you're on holiday (kennel or live in)
  • 1 Day Stay - Having a day out or unplanned event, we can look after your dog for the day as a one off or on a regular basis
  • Groomer Facility - Groom-A-Dog offer fantastic rates for every aspect of dog grooming you can imagine, from a good bath and tat removal to specialist breed cuts.
  • Gift Vouchers - to any value - make great, personal and unusual gifts from Christmas to Birthdays to Thank You and much more
  • Also available are microchipping and grooming services

To book any of the above with Craigelachie Gundogs you can either send an email at info@craigelachiegundogs.co.uk with as much information as possible about what you are looking for, or give us a ring on 07896-850-067 and we can discuss a date and time which is convenient for you.  One-to-One Training is booked on an hourly basis.  The best way to contact us is via email.

If you have any questions about anything on our site or are not sure about something, just send us an email or give us a ring and we'd be happy to have a chat with you.

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Looking for the perfect gift for someone?  Struggling to find something different?  Why not book a training session or assessment session with Craigelachie Gundogs?  Book for Gundog Training, Pet Obedience or Residential Training, the choice is entirely yours.

What could be a better gift.  Once you have bought your Gift Certificate, we will send it to your chosen address.  We can send it directly to you, or straight to the lucky person you bought it for.  Buy as many Certificates as you want at any one time.  Just add a message to your purchase, or send us an email to let us know your requirements.  You will need to email us to confirm your purchase and include all details.


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Our training ground is situated in some of the most breath-taking countryside around.  With miles of spectacular views over moorland, farmland, hillsides and ancient ruins.  You could make a day of it, once your session is over, you and your dog could take in some of the local sights in the surrounding countryside or visit one of the local National Trust Properties or National Parks.  There are a selection of good local pubs and hotels to enjoy a lovely meal and a drink at the end of your day.

Web: www.craigelachiegundogs.co.uk      Email: info@craigelachiegundogs.co.uk     M: 07896-850-067

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/craigelachie.gundogs

The best way to book an Assessment Session, One to One Session, Residential Training, Holiday Stays, Intensive Week and/or Weekend is to initially send an email with as much information as possible e.g. for One to One Sessions please tell us in your email what days and times are most suitable for you to come along (we teach 7 days a week) also including your contact telephone numbers and as much information as you can about your dog e.g. age, breed, current training, issues, etc..  For requests for Holiday Stays in your email please give us the preferred drop off and collection dates, again, with as much information as possible about your dog e.g. sex, breed, age, sociable, nervous, current training, etc.

Because most of our working days takes place outside, we are out of contact during most normal 'sociable hours', meaning that often, the best time for us to read and/or answer emails is in the evening.  We do have an 'automated reply' go out to all emails which should reassure you that we have received your email.  This reply will also tell you that it may take anything up to 21 days to get back to you and that on ocassion, during our busiest periods, it may take longer but that we would hope to get back to you sooner than this.

The best way to ensure you are able to book a training place with us or for your dog to come and stay with us is to get in touch with us as soon as possible.  The more notice you can give, especially for Holiday Stays and Residential Training Stays, the more chance you have of us having a slot or space available.

We are very busy every day but we will do our very best to get back to you as soon as we can.  Please be patient.   We are a family business and our home is also just that, our home.  As this is our home, we ask that you respect this and when given specific time slots to drop your dog off, or collect, please respect that you have been given a time slot for a reason, thank you.


All prices include insurance.  No hidden extras like 'cold winter payments' for residential training, etc.

(Bank Holidays charged at double rate)

Prices from 1st March 2020

 One-to-One Private Gundog 


 £30 per hour

Training sessions usually last 1 hour

 One-to-One Private Pet Obedience Training/Tuition

£30 per hour

 Training sessions usually last 1 hour

 One-to-One Private Assessment Session


£40 per 1hr session

Usually 1 hour (£30 per hour over the first hour if needed).  First lesson is always assessment lesson.

 Residential Training (incl. short term refresher) *Not currently available

from £140 per week (price includes board & training)

 *Basic - £140 per week (a week is classed from e.g. Saturday a.m to Friday p.m.) (£20 per day e.g. Saturday 9 a.m. to Saturday 6 p.m.).  Intermediate to Advanced - £175 per week.  Payment 4-weekly in advance on arrival.  Deposit of £50 to be paid at time of booking or training place & kennel accommodation cannot be held (deposit non refundable in the event of cancellation).  Live-in option to be discussed and pre-agreed (not available to all dogs). 

 Home Visits*

 £40 for first hour, £30 per hour thereafter

This is most beneficial to people who are unable to drive or where the dogs main issues are within the home or the home environment.  This will mean we will either work within your home or perhaps go with you to the problem areas e.g. park, river.  Visits usually last 1 to 2 hours but can be several.  *Travel cost incurred.  Visit must be paid for in advance and travel cost to be paid on day of visit.

 Live-In Training (our most popular option)

 £20 per day (price includes board & training)

This covers residential, holiday stays, etc., must be agreed in advance.  Your dog lives with us, in our home as part of the family.  Not alone in kennels surrounded by strange dogs. When you contact us with dates we will first check is space is available and once confirmed, will email paperwork giving guidance on timeframes, etc.

 Daytime Stay (incl. overnight if required)

 £20 per day

  * Must be paid for at time of booking using online payment option or place cannot be held.  Drop off and pick up time, must be agreed at time of booking.

(2hr stay - £8  4hr stay - £10.  6hr stay - £15.  8hr stay - £20)

A day is classed from a.m. one day to p.m. same day.

 Holiday Stay - incl. refresher training (£20 per day *

 £20 per day (price includes board & training)

 * £50 deposit to paid at time of booking.  Balance to be paid in advance or on arrival (any monies due to you will be returned on departure).  (£50 deposit non refundable in the event of cancellation)

A day is classed from a.m. one day to p.m. same day.


Payment on the day (unless otherwise stated) or bank transfer prior to session.

Staying with us involves your dog never being shut in kennels and run for the bulk of your dogs stay.  The norm is for your dog to be out and about with us in the vehicle, or playing in the garden, maybe coming to feed the chickens or rabbits, sleeping in front of the fire or training.  This means mental stimulation, being relaxed and able to play with other dogs. 

Being able to play and run freely and not being cooped up in a kennel for hours and days on end is a luxury not many dogs get to enjoy when their family go away or they send their dogs away for training.  Dogs need and flourish on mental stimulation as well as physical exercise.  There is a permanent large agility tunnel in the garden and many dogs who have never encountered such an object, are curious about it and can't help but enter into it to explore.  Often when they have gone in once of their own accord, you can't keep them out of it!

On top of all that, for the live-in dogs, they have the extra added benefit of being with the family all of the time with all the normal home comforts like a warm open fire on a chilly evening, carpets, sound (t.v./radio/people chatting) and normal family life. 

Your dogs health is checked and attended to if need be from simple things like ear cleaning, toe nail clipping to vet visits (where needed).  When in our care, we care for every dog as if it were our own.  Your dogs happiness and well being is paramount to us.

Your dogs stay with us really is about being treated as well as our own dogs are and their training, at whatever level, is taken very seriously.  Remember though, that dogs are creatures of habit.  What they learn well here may well go out the window when they go home again if you don't follow through with the training.  Habits, for dogs as well as humans, are difficult to break, and some more difficult than others.  Your dog needs you to keep steering him in the right direction once he goes back home.


If you are unable to attend your booked session and are unable to attend, please contact us to cancel.  Cancellations of less than 24 hours are charged at full session price.  If you do not attend and do not cancel, you will charged for a full session.  48 hours to 24hours notice of cancellation is charged at 50% of session.

Visits to be pre-arranged and by appointment only

(This is our home and we would be very grateful if you respect this.  We are not a large commercial kennel).

Booking to be discussed and agreed prior to dogs arrival


Terms & Conditions

* Payment in advance is mandatory for Home Visit option / One Day Stay

* Residential Training & Holiday Stay - A day e.g. Saturday 9 a.m. to Saturday 6 p.m.   A week e.g. Saturday 9 a.m. to Friday 6 p.m.  If collected by 10 a.m. on the Saturday no extra charge will be incurred, if collected after 10 a.m., a full days charge is applicable.

Short term stays payment is weekly or fortnightly in advance on arrival (depending on length of term of stay) with £50 deposit to be paid  at time of booking (deposit non refundable in the event of cancellation).

Long term stays payment is monthly in advance on arrival with £50 deposit to be paid at time of booking (deposit non refundable in the event of cancellation).

Live-In Option is available to most dogs but not all and must be pre-arranged by request

Due to the minority who book a place and then do not turn up, the above payment methods have needed to be put in place for dogs in Residential Training, Long Term Stays, Short Term Stays and Day Stays.  It is unfortunate and with regret that everyone now needs to book and pay as above, but this seems to the only way to ensure that places can be held for genuine clients.