Our Dogs

Our dogs are the result of very careful breeding over the years.  We are passionate about keeping the working spaniel true to type.  Going back over the generations our current Springer lines include all the great names like Badgercourt, Gwibernant and the infamous, Hales Smut.  All dogs when not out working or training are supervised and under 24hr CCTV surveillance with security alarms in place.


Witchwillow Mist of Craigelachie (aka Pixie)

Craigelachie Drummer - (Tarka, half brother to Sporren) from our last litter of pups)


Craigelachie Sporren - (Bugsy, one of the new kids in the team, having a cuddle with his aunty Blaze)

 As a pup -  

& Now        

Craigelachie Sporren is available for stud - please see his page at Stud Dogs - Gundogs at Stud

Sporren has the most outstanding desire to please and work with you

Craigelachie Teasel - (Teal, the tearaway sister - bright as a button, the new rocket in the team.  This girl is going to take some training, a lot more strong willed than her brother (but they often turn out to be the best dogs of all)!

Kenmilfore Drummer of Craigelachie - (Teasel, she was an absolutely fantastic dog but fate dealt her a cruel hand.  Keen as mustard, hard hunter, tackled any cover, would retreive absolutely anything, great style)


Craigelachie Calypso - (Blaze, my 'Happy Pill'.  She could find that needle in the haystack, and any game that may be hiding in there too!)


Craigelachie Dapper Lad  - (Sting, typical boy, took a while to learn, but once he did, he can find anything, no matter how tight it sits or far it runs and then he delivers it to hand with his perfect sitting delivery (every time))


 Craigelachie Shooting Star - (Star)   


Craigelachie Dazzler - (Ziggy) 


Castlestain Concise - (Spy ) (& Teasel)                                         Broom




Crumble (one of Spys pups who came in for training - Crumble  has now completed her training and gone home to gain experience in the field and reports back say she is doing very well)


Pinnie & Berry

Photos to come

Every single dog is different, no two dogs are ever the same. They can have very similiar traits but they are different dogs. Our current Springer pack are related and the only thing they have in common, apart from their bloodlines, are their colour. They are very different characters and therefore have to be trained and treated as such.  So many people make the mistake of trying to train every dog using the 'textbook' format and then wonder why the dog is acting the clown.  The books and the videos are a great starting point and quick view guide, but they don't cater for the individual, they cater for the mass as a guidance tool.  Read the dog, try to understand the way the dog understands and you will get on leaps and bounds.