We now offer a full and professional microchipping service for you and your dog (including other companion animals and pets) with the option of the standard 12mm microchip OR the new 8.5mm microchip. 

New - the MINI microchip, which, at only 8.5mm, using a needle the fraction of the size of the standard microchip needle, means a much kinder alternative for young dogs, smaller dogs and other small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, etc..  The new mini-chip is so new on the market that only certain implanters are offering this service. 

We are fully licensed, registered, trained and insured, giving you total peace of mind.



If, for reasons beyond your control, your pet is lost or stolen, how do you find your pet?  You could put up posters, ring neighbours, ring local shelters or contact the police, but every hour you spend doing this is another hour your pet is away from home.  Your best hope of being reunited with your pet quickly is to hope that someone finds them and takes them somewhere e.g. local vet, local microchip implanter, etc., who will have a microchip scanner.  They will then check your dog for a microchip, which hopefully your pet will have.  They will then be able to find your contact details, and usually, within 24hrs, you and your pet are reunited.  SUCCESS!!

Imagine the heartache, stress and worry if you lost your pet.  Your mind could run away with you with all sorts of possible scenarios of what they may be going through, are they ok, are they safe, are they warm, are they fed, and a million other things.  If your pet is microchipped, you have the biggest chance of having them back home with you in no time at all. 

If your pet isn't microchipped, how do people find the owner.  There is a strong chance you will never see your pet again.  Sometimes people pick up what they think are stray animals and just take them home to look after and adopt because they have no real way of finding the real owner.  Your pet may be well looked after for the rest of its life by some kind soul, but do you want to take that chance?  I wouldn't.

While your pet is lost or stolen, it is most likely going to suffer from stress as well as encounter all sorts of possible life threatening situations.  Most pets live a fairly routine life and become very used to their comforts and daily routine.  The stress of losing only that can be impossible for many pets.  But they also miss and long for their owner. 

Please don't let your pet be one of those who may never find their way home.  Be a responsible pet owner and get your pet microchipped.  With the new technology now on the market, there is also the option to have the new mini microchip, a much kinder option for those who feel the needle and microchip size has always been an issue.

Contact us now and take the first step to ensuring you are never parted from your pet for too long should the worst happen!

WHAT IS PETLOG?                                                                   

Petlog is the national database and register run by the Kennel Club. 

Microchipping your pet and registering them with Petlog gives your pet lifelong membership on this register for FREE!  There is no annual charge and if you want, you can upgrade to Petlog Premium.  To contact Petlog call 0844-4633-999 or visit www.petlog.org.uk 

Once we have microchipped your pet, we then register the details with Petlog, and once processed by Petlog, you will receive your information pack directly from Petlog giving you everything you need with information on how to update your information if perhaps you move house or change your telephone number. 

Petlog is the major register in the UK and is the first point of contact for vets, implanters, shelters, etc., who have had a lost pet brought to them.


An Implanter is a person who has been trained and certified to legally 'implant' a microchip into your pet and then register those details on a database like Petlog. 


Petlog - The UK's Largest Database for Microchipped Pets

 (Courtesy of Petlog)

(Extract from Petlog website)

We pride ourselves on our outstanding service, working with you the pet owner, vets and animal wardens 24/7, 365 days a year. Last year we assisted with over 114,000 lost & found calls. You can be assured, with Petlog, that if the worst should happen, you have the best possible support to get your lost pet safely back home.

Don't leave being reuinted with your pet to chance.  To contact us about microchipping any of your pets please call -

Mob: 07896-850-067

We cover all of Northumberland, North Tyneside and part of Tynedale.  Discount available for multiple microchip orders so if you have friends who want to come along with their pet too so you can all have your pets chipped at the discounted rate, that's fine too!