Going On Holiday?

Why not send your dog to Craigelachie Gundogs instead of just boarding it? 

Your dog can have his holiday and have a training refresher too which will help to keep his mind busy while you are far away.  This way, he will have extra mental stimulation to help him relax and enjoy his visit instead of just boarding in a kennel somewhere.  He will get everything he would get in a boarding kennel, except that he would not be shut in a kennel all day, plus, he would get some refresher training too.


Only going for a week or two, that's ok.  We can accommodate your dog for as short or long a time as needed.  He will be looked after as one of our own, receiving the same attention, mental stimulation, free time and training (obviously adjusted to his particular training needs).

When they are not out training, they spend the rest of the day being able to walk about freely in the garden doing all those normal dog things from socialising and playing with other dogs, to digging and exploring or being out and about with us.


Lots of people just don't realise how much most dogs love training, even the ones that some people  think don't.  Dogs are naturally curious creatures, and like children, need mental stimulation to help them develop, learn and be happy.  A bored dog is not a happy dog

If you think your dog doesn't like training then you probably just haven't found the right method of training for your dog.  Dogs generally are quick thinkers and learners, they have senses we could only ever dream about.  When training your dog, sometimes you need to be quick to change a way of doing something to get a better response from your dog. 

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I can't say this often enough but, every dog is different, what works for one may be a route to disaster for another.  What worked yesterday with your dog may do absolutely nothing today.  During training, you learn as much about your dog as the dog does about the training.  Working with your dog, whether it be play training, formal training or general controlled free time, is the best way to develop a great bond with your dog and if you are not looking for this great bond, then you have to question why you have a dog?  They rely on us for everything, we domesticated them and brought them into our home.  It is up to us to follow through on that commitment we made to them. 

All of our kennels are security lined.  They are also insulated to keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  The floors are also lined with 12mm high quality rubber which helps with insulation, it is comfortable for the dogs to lie on should they choose to do so instead of their bed, it ensures no stress on their joints and it is more hygienic than normal flooring.

Staying with us involves your dog never being shut in kennels and run for the bulk of your dogs stay. The norm is for your dog to be out and about with us in the vehicle, or playing in the garden, maybe coming to feed the chickens or rabbits, sleeping in front of the fire or training. This means mental stimulation, being relaxed and able to play with other dogs.

Being able to play and run freely and not being cooped up in a kennel for hours and days on end is a luxury not many dogs get to enjoy when their family go away or they send their dogs away for training. Dogs need and flourish on mental stimulation as well as physical exercise. There is a permanent large agility tunnel in the garden and many dogs who have never encountered such an object, are curious about it and can't help but enter into it to explore. Often when they have gone in once of their own accord, you can't keep them out of it!

On top of all that, for the live-in dogs, they have the extra added benefit of being with the family all of the time with all the normal home comforts like a warm open fire on a chilly evening, carpets, sound (t.v./radio/people chatting) and normal family life.

Your dogs health is checked and attended to if need be from simple things like ear cleaning, toe nail clipping to vet visits (where needed). When in our care, we care for every dog as if it were our own. Your dogs happiness and well being is paramount to us.

Your dogs stay with us really is about being treated as well as our own dogs are and their training, at whatever level, is taken very seriously. Remember though, that dogs are creatures of habit. What they learn well here may well go out the window when they go home again if you don't follow through with the training. Habits, for dogs as well as humans, are difficult to break, and some more difficult than others. Your dog needs you to keep steering him in the right direction once he goes back home.

Believe me, we get far far more from them than they ever get from us.